About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated Registered Nurses who have made a committed effort to be Private Professional Patient Advocates for you. Our nurses educate, support and help manage the process of obtaining quality healthcare in today’s tenuous healthcare system – an RN4U nurse is essentially the go-between-person between you and your healthcare team. The nurses know the medical terminology so they can communicate with your providers, they can prepare you for a doctor visit, they can cut through the medical clutter to get answers, and they can help you understand a new diagnosis. RN4U nurses have lots of knowledge, and knowledge is POWER.

About Teresa Parker, Founder of RN4U

I am the founder and owner of RN4U in Charlotte, NC.  I was born and raised in Charlotte and attended local schools.  After high school I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte graduating with my BSN in 1984 at which time I also received my NC License to practice as a Registered Nurse.  Wanting to further my education to an even a higher level, I returned to UNCC obtaining a Masters in Education with a focus in Counseling graduating in 1992.  In order to get a better understanding of what my clients need I have also attended classes to get a Certificate in Gerontology as well a Certificate in Patient Advocacy, and have become a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

Having worked in multiple areas of nursing enables me to bring my clients an extensive knowledge of the best medical resources in the area.  These areas include:

  • Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care Nursing
  • Maternity and Family Planning at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Health Department
  • Nursing Home Administration
  • School Nursing in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System
  • Legal Nurse Consulting in a private law office setting, and as the owner of Legal Nurse Consultants of NC
  • Senior Care

My personal experience as a Patient Advocate includes:

  • I have always been a Patient Advocate for All of My Patients since I first became an RN in 1984.
  • I was my Daddy’s Patient Advocate for many years during which time I accompanied him to numerous physician appointments serving as a second set of eyes and ears, listening, asking questions, and taking notes as well as reinforcing the information once Daddy was home. I assisted my Daddy in making informed decisions including getting his advance directives in order, and sat by his bedside while he was in the hospital to make sure he was safe and his needs were taken care of on several occasions prior to his death.
  • I served as a personal Patient Advocate, Care Manager, and Caregiver at times for several years for an elderly aunt who was moved to the Charlotte area after being financially exploited in her hometown. My aunt’s medical history included multiple chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. Through this experience I learned a vast amount in regards to Medicare, supplemental private insurance, referrals and our overall healthcare system through a new role as a family member and caregiver which I believe was invaluable to me as an Independent Private Professional Patient Advocate.
  • I found myself acting as my own Patient Advocate in 2017 when I was diagnosed with DCIS Breast Cancer (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) and underwent four surgeries within six months.  I found this time to be both a frightening and enlightening time for myself.  I learned a lot of new information about breast cancer and its potential treatments as well as navigating the healthcare system in Charlotte, NC and my insurance company as a breast cancer patient.  My experiences were very valuable to me in my work as a Patient Advocate.

No matter where I am working or who I am working with, I am ALWAYS advocating for my patients!