Healthcare Navigation, Care Management and Patient Advocacy Services

We educate and serve as liaisons between physicians, patients, and their families – to put patients and their families at ease at a time when the healthcare system is very complicated, fragmented, and difficult to maneuver. At RN4U we are trained to know what questions to ask and what information is needed to ensure the best medical care available for you.

How We Can Help…

  • Navigate the complex healthcare system

  • Coordinate and manage all healthcare needs

  • Advocate for clients and their family members

  • Attend physician appointments to improve understanding

  • Educate about a new diagnosis and treatment options

  • Oversee and monitor care of a loved one

  • Provide corporate guardianship services

At RN4U we educate, guide, and advocate for you, but never diagnose, treat or prescribe. We are ready and willing to help you make informed decisions about your own or your family member’s healthcare.

At this time services provided by RN4U are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance; however, we would be honored to assist you.

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